Somethings fishy, salmon truths.

April 14, 2011

This blog is dedicated to all the people who care about what they eat. Many of us think we are eating healthy, when truth be told we are consuming poisons that are helping kill us faster. It’s alarming to see that people just don’t care about what they are putting in their bodies as long as it tastes yummy it’s good to go! Well if you are unaware of what you are eating maybe this blog will inspire you to look up more information about what is in our foods, and hopefully lead you to asking the bigger question of why.

Topic for today…

Wild caught salmon. ….
or the farm raised salmon?

Wild or farm raised?

 Today many people are health conscious and we are living longer than ever before, however could you be living longer if you just knew what to eat? Fish has become a huge thing among people who claim to be health conscious however I find many people think fish is just fish. They don’t understand that how a fish lived its life means a great deal to the quality of the fish!

Let’s talk about one of the main fish Americans love, salmon, in fact the only fish we eat more of is shrimp and canned tuna, if that tell you anything? Salmon has a huge market, but most of the salmon people are eating is what we call farm raised salmon, and I have a feeling if you knew about it you’d think twice before eating it. Below is a picture of some farm raised salmon that I took, you should avoid this.
Fish over steak?

 Many people say that farm raised salmon is better for you because of all the pollution in natural water, however if you do your research you will see that this is a lie. Farm raised salmon has shown to have more contaminants than wild caught salmons in many different studies. Did you know that the farm raised salmon fillets are given dyes to make the appearance that pretty orange you love, and that without it the color would be more gray? Real yummy huh? Mmmm delicious? I think not. People talk about the omega in salmon, but they don’t know that farm raised salmon has lower amount of omega-3 than the wild caught, and they are in most cases the SAME PRICE!




People fall in love with the way things look at that is one major reason I think people buy farm raised salmon the fillets are always bigger and thicker, but they don’t know that’s only because the farm raised salmon didn’t get the exercise that the wild caught salmon got. We know that as people if we don’t move around much then we get fat, well the same thing for fish, next time you get a piece of farm raised salmon look at your fillet and look between the bright orange and see the thick fat between the fillet, and ask yourself is that healthy? To make keep it simple farm raised salmon don’t have the same diet as a wild caught salmon, and what they feed the farm raised salmon doesn’t break down in our bodies properly, making your risk of cancers, and God only who knows what else go up. Sounds like that wild caught salmon sure is the way to go!
What are you eating?

 This is wild caught sockeye salmon fillet, very beautiful color and as you can see no fat!
 This fish got plenty of exercise and is healthy for you!

Wild caught
Are you eating healthy?